How to order the goods

(All about the purchase from selection of the goods to posting of the order.)

We thank you for having found your way to the wonderful world of natural precious stones.


Registration is a mandatory step for wholesale customers. Only business entities can register (companies, entrepreneurs). After registration you can view the wholesale price list and send your order. You register by following step by step instructions. After submitting your registration it will be manually approved by the staff of our company. You can log in after the registration approval.

How to choose

You can choose the goods several different ways. The easiest way to start is to look through the catalogue on the left. The goods are categorised in a way specific to categories so that you can quickly get to the desired item/s. Above the catalogue there is an overview of special offers, news and sales.

On the top of the page there is a square Goods search, here you can type what you are looking for. Should you fail to find something try entering something simpler (perhaps just one word).

In the listing of products you are welcome to have everything arranged according to the name or price. You can also make a choice about how many products will be simultaneously displayed on the web page.

Are you looking for a particular stone or colour? Try choosing a concrete kind of stone or a colour in our list. This search function will find a desired stone or a colour regardless the goods category. However, some combinations will not result in success. Either they do not exist in the world or we simply do not have them at the moment.

Information about the goods

In our catalogue you can see the names of the items and the views of the photographs. The displayed price in Czech crowns as well as Euros excludes VAT. When you click on the item you will get to the product detail – here it is possible to have the photograph enlarged, browse other photographs, read goods’ description, or look for the supplement or the alternatives.

Adding to the basket

The chosen items can be added to the basket one by one, or by group altogether by clicking on the button “add to the basket”.  If there is information about the available amount of the goods in the warehouse and yet it is not possible to add the goods in the basket someone must have put in an order just before you. The warehouse availability is updated often with a little delay from which we are sorry.

The order of the goods

The process of ordering takes several steps:

First it is necessary to display the basket. In the basket you will se the chosen goods and consequently the total price including VAT. It is possible to add the items as well as take them away (you can do so by choosing the number “0“). By pressing the button, which says “continue on the selection of transport and payment” you will proceed to another step.

The step “Delivery data” is skipped. You can change you registration data in your "Account".

 “Transport and payment will enable you to choose a preferred form of transport. Please, make sure that the delivery address, which you have stated is correct. You are welcome to leave a message for us or enter a code for a gift voucher.

Please, make sure you check the given particulars and total price in the “Summary”. Please, do not forget to tick off that you agree with the trade conditions. By pressing, “send off the order” you will send everything off. You will receive a confirmation of the order at your email address. The order will be attended to as soon as possible.

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